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Ways to Get Involved

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    New potential SURJ Boston members join through a Base Group, which orients people to our values, strategy, and organization over four to six months and mobilizes people to collectively take action with our partner organizations. After that, a person can explicitly choose to be a SURJ Boston member and continue working with us in our working groups.

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Housing Justice
● Acting in coordination with local housing justice organizations around issues of gentrification, displacement, affordability, and more.

Community Development ● Building community within SURJ Boston and the greater community of anti-racist organizing.

Accessibility / Disability ● Making SURJ an open and accessible space to people with disabilities and an inclusive space to all new members. Providing guidance/training to other working groups and affinity groups on how to make meetings and actions more accessible. Space to explore the intersection of disability justice and racial justice.

Public Education ● We recognize that racism and white supremacy culture are embedded in public education and harmfully impacting students, teachers, and parents/guardians. We are accountable for taking action to support people of color-led groups working to create a more equitable and just education system for all students in Boston (and the surrounding area).  Our goals are to increase civic engagement of white people for racial justice in our school system, activate teachers to be racial justice advocates in their schools, and support/provide resources for existing POC organizations and parents in our schools.

Immigration Justice ● Mobilizing allies to support immigrant lead organizing to fight back against the racism of immigration policies and enforcement.

Identity Groups

  • Jewish Caucus

  • LGBTQIA+ Working Group

  • Working Class Caucus