People can give to the movement in many ways- their time, energy, social connections, access to other resources, and skills. While all white people have white privilege, white people's income and class varies widely. If donating money is something you are able to do, in any amount, here's a few options:

  • Families For Justice as Healing: Boston based group organizing formerly incarcerated women to join the movement toward ending incarceration of women, donate here.

  • BLM Cambridge: Paypal-

  • BLM Boston: Website or Or Paypal-

  • Community Change Inc: SURJ Boston is a program of CCI. Donate directly to CCI, or to SURJ by writing 'SURJ' in comment line, donate here.

  • SURJ National: Donate here

  • Boston Grassroots Racial Justice Organizations to Support: Donate to smaller organizations who have been anchoring racial justice work in Boston for decades from this list created by Tara in December 2016.