Welcome to SURJ Connect!, our online hub designed to help friends of SURJ Boston join Active Membership and get connected to working groups, action planning, and other local racial justice organizations.  The best way to get involved is to get involved!  By using the links below, new members can sign up to receive updates about when groups are having their next meeting along with the group lead's contact information.  Please feel free to contact the group lead if you have any questions, can't make the next meeting but are still eager to dig into the work, or are having difficulty connecting to the group in general. 

Become a Member

So how does someone "join" SURJ Boston?  To vote on proposals that affect the whole chapter (such as endorsements, structure changes, etc.), Active Members must participate in the email list of active members. we ask members to be actively involved in a working group, neighborhood-based group, and/or identity-based group OR attend at least ½ of the SURJ Chapter or New Member meetings in a 6 month period.


Participate in racial justice action, events, rallies, work, advocacy, etc… “show up for racial justice.”

Connect with action groups for strategic direct actions

Propose a new working group or a neighborhood group

Request SURJ-Boston co-sponsorship of your event or action

Working Groups

Working groups each have a different focus, and there is space for people to form more working groups focused on an action, issue, or task.  After getting acquainted with SURJ Boston, attend a Working Group meeting to lend your skills and energy to this important people-powered work!

Pathways (Storefront) ● Welcoming new people. Helping people connect with SURJ and other anti-racist organizing in the Boston area.  Connecting with people in-person and digitally with SURJ.

Strategy ● Continuing the conversation about how we end white supremacy considering local, national, and historical organizing. 

Action ● Taking action together, as SURJ Boston and in connection with other racial justice organizing in the area. 

Community ● Building community within SURJ Boston and the greater community of anti-racist organizing. 

Coordinating Team ● Coordinating between the working groups, hosting our open monthly meetings, and facilitating group conversations.

Housing Justice ● Acting in coordination with local housing justice organizations around issues of gentrification, displacement, affordability, and more.

Neighborhood Groups

SURJ Boston is forming neighborhood groups to help people self-organize by geography.  Neighborhood or suburban groups can work on building community and location-specific action.  Click on your neighborhood/region below if you would like to receive alerts and information about organizing opportunities in your specific area.

Downtown neighborhoods
East Boston
Jamaica Plain/Roslindale/Hyde Park
Roxbury/Mission Hill
South Boston
West Roxbury
North of Boston
South of Boston
West of Boston