Welcome New Members to Your Group!

Please feel free to use this sample letter as a template to welcome and begin to organize new members from your area!


My name is ___________, I hope this email finds you well.  I'm an organizer with SURJ and I'm emailing you because you expressed interest in doing some racial justice work that is specific to _____________ (neighborhood).   _______________ (name of other SURJ member)  and I have both agreed to support the formation of this group, which means we are committed to being involved and organizing in our neighborhood with you all.   We are both _____________ (neighborhood) residents and are excited about getting together with you!  

That being said, we are both also active in multiple SURJ working groups (which takes up a lot of our time) so we'd welcome folks stepping up who are interested in putting energy into this neighborhood group.  SURJ aims to be a leader-full group and we encourage people taking initiative to move things forward.  Please let us know if this would be something that you're interested in at any point.

I've made a doodle poll for the next few weeks to get an idea of people’s availability.  Could you please respond below?  We're hoping to arrange a gathering sometime soon!

________________________ (link to doodle)

If you'd like to host our first gathering or if there are specific items that you'd like us to talk about please send us an email, and feel free to invite friends who you think might be interested in this neighborhood group or SURJ Boston at large to sign up at surjboston.org.  We've recently added a neighborhood portion to our intake questionnaire, and once they've signed up they will receive updates and alerts relevant to their neighborhood.

Best wishes,